Your Pathway To China – Marketing, Public Relations, and Ecommerce
A U.S. Commercial Service and International Trade Administration Partner



Your Pathway To China – Marketing, Public Relations, and Ecommerce
A U.S. Commercial Service and International Trade Administration Partner

the opportunity

1 Billion

China Middle-Class Population By 2022

600 Million

Potential Customers Who Prefer USA-Made Products


Annual Disposable Income By Household In China

Only 9%

2013 U.S. SMBs Exporting To China

about marcetable

Based in sunny Los Angeles, Marcetable allows innovative US Companies to connect with 1.3 billion consumers in China.

Marcetable offers a variety of services that grow your brand in China, including a full-service marketing strategy advisory, marketing content development, public relations, and e-commerce solutions for rising and mature brands.

why marcetable

You Are Passionate About Your Product. We Know.

You Want To Share It With The World. We Understand.

You Want To Access China, And It’s Not Easy. We Can Help.

Government Policy

In China, all marketing content must be reviewed and approved by authoritative agencies. This process can delay your marketing campaign with devastating effects. We will avoid the sensitive content and manage unforeseen risks so your schedule is not missed.

Administrative Work

A foreign entity conducting businesses in China needs to have business documents translated, reviewed and approved by authorized government agencies. This takes time and money. Marcetable has set up the infrastructure so that your product is ready to go.

Culture Difference

On average, Chinese spend 70 minutes for lunch during vacation while Americans spend only 30 minutes. At home, Chinese like to dine while watching TV – Ads shown during dinnertime make the most impact.

Time Difference

Peak business time in China is 1pm Beijing time, which is 1am EST and 10pm PST. Tell us your designs, we will work and it will be ready after you wake up.

China Market Knowledge

For example, outdoor ads in tier-1 cities receive the most number of impressions, but not in terms of conversion. We identify the best medium to launch your marketing campaign, and understand when and how to distribute the content with the best return.

Turnaround Time

4 out of 5 marketing agencies in China never return an inquiry from an overseas company.  Conversation with the only remaining agency ends quickly due to time difference and diminished momentum. We are based in LA, and we work during your business hours.

Ads. Cost and Negotiation

Ads rates offered to local companies are significantly lower than rates offered to foreign businesses. Knowing the right person can help you negotiate for lower rates, which we do.


Building a successful business in China depends on relationships. Cultivating relationships requires face-to-face conversations. We are here to meet you, discuss your brand, and accomplish your goals.

our services

 Your One-Stop Solution To

Start Business In China

For Service Providers

Searching For Partnerships and Businesses In China

We Offer Marketing and Public Relations Services

For Mature Brands

Looking For E-commerce Service

We Offer One-Stop Solution on JD & TMall

For Rising Brands

Drop-Shipping To China

We Offer E-commerce Pilot Services

Evaluating The Chinese Market

and Exploring Opportunity

We Offer Market Research and Consulting Services

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Marcetable helps service provider obtain RSVPs from China.

We Help Service Providers Find Prospects From China