Next Big Thing in 2016: Export USA Products to China

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Almost everyone on this planet knows the famous phase – “Made in China”.  Whether it’s clothes, electronics, or simple every-day use items such as umbrellas and hats, we as American consumers, all have benefited from cheap products in China.  While America continues to lose jobs to outsourcing overseas, no one is talking about the next opportunity, which is right here in the USA!

Quick history lesson:

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America was once a leader in product manufacturing.

Then China came in with cheap labor costs and overtook manufacturing consumer goods at a much cheaper cost.

Then China’s economy grew rapidly and the country began to develop a formidable middle class.  And then the country grew, and grew, and then grew some more.

One problem with Chinese cheap labor cost – Made in China products often have product quality issues or defects.  The price is great but what’s the use if it breaks quickly?

So ready…here’s the reverse trade that no one is talking about!

As the Chinese’s economy continues to mature, the middle class in China has discretionary income to spend on high quality luxury goods.  And guess what?  Goods made in USA have great quality and durability.  The Chinese consumers prefer luxury goods from USA and they want to buy our products!

We are here to help you!

Our company, is capitalizing on the opportunity that American companies can sell great American made products to a 1.3 Billion Chinese Consumer Market.

We launched our company with one mission – to help American businesses export American products to China!  We will help you advertise your products to Chinese consumers, identify your market branding strategies, and simplify doing business in China!

The great challenge of course – doing business in China is a lot of different that it is in the USA and Chinese consumers have different purchasing preferences….so stay tuned, we’ll teach out how to sell products in China!  Let’s do this!


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