Case In Point – Uniqlo

Uniqlo, a well-known apparel brand from Japan, currently operates 1,574 stores worldwide, and 387 in China. Their products and design have always been one of the top choices for Chinese consumers.

To further differentiate its brand from competitors, Uniqlo launched its “LifeWear (搭出色)” campaign last year, transforming the “everyday wear” to ones that would convey style with quality. Uniqlo needed to communicate this campaign to new and existing consumers, and also promoted it across online and offline channels together for the very first time.


After discussing with Uniqlo’s team, we identified objectives of this campaign as following:

  • Build interaction with consumers, further boosting consumer loyalty and increasing followers on its social media (WeChat) account.
  • Elevate brand identity by bringing memorable product experience to customers.
  • Bring online followers to stores, creating transaction opportunities.


Our marketing campaign was an integrated one, which had 4 phases:

1.  Warm-Up: propagating “LifeWear (搭出色) ” campaign details across marketing and PR channels prior to launching the event to build up initial buzz.



2. Target: during the event, we selected programs that focused on clothing and apparel, and mobile applications that would display campaign info. targeting consumers at the age group of 18-45 in tier-1 and 2 cities.  See screenshots below.

Top Row: campaign information on clothing and apparel websites.

Bottom left: campaign videos prior to Korean Drama on LETV, one of the largest digital video streaming service providers in China.

Bottom right: campaign advertisement on Dianping, equivalent to the Yelp plus Eventbrite in US.


3. Inspiration: we selected 40 Uniqlo stores across tier-1/2 cities in China. In those stores, consumers would wear Uniqlo’s cloth, take a picture in front of a giant front-facing camera which would then append special effects. As soon as consumers started to subscribe to Uniqlo’s Wechat account, they would receive their pictures along with special perks (e.g., tutorials on dressing, upcoming trends) pushed by our team.



4. Social Sharing & UGC: Word-of-mouth campaign is always very effective. We managed Uniqlo Wechat account daily to monitor activities, and identified opportunities to engage with users and have them share their content with friends on WeChat’s Moment (aka. Facebook Feed in steroids).



The campaign lasted for a month.  In the end, we were able to reach 2 million consumers, and added 700K active followers on Uniqlo’s Wechat Account, a 300% increase from 400K (prior to campaign) to 1.1 Million.  From sales data late shared by Uniqlo, we could clearly identify a spike in revenue due to the campaign.


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