Case In Point – The North Face

Background: We provide e-commerce services to The North Face in China. We manage marketing resources/activities, website design, IT data, logistic, and customer service.

Additionally, we also work with The North Face to setup Wechat and Weibo accounts for the brand. Wechat and Weibo are social media platforms that allows us to interact with consumers, share upcoming events/news, provide customer service, and host User Generated Content.


  1. Official Website (
  2. TMall Store (

We have used our relationship with the TMall support team to ensure there is a high anticipation of TNF’s grand opening storefront on the platform – During the 1st month, TNF store was featured on’s front page.

TNF’s first November 11th (China’s Single Day Sales Event) sales were solid, then in the subsequent year, the sales increased on that day by 1250%, and our sell-through rate was 84%, the best in outdoor apparel on TMall.




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