Case In Point – Nescafe


Nescafe has been in China since the 1980s. The brand has a deep connection with Chinese consumers. Its campaign usually appeals to consumers’ feelings related to family, friends and life style.

Nescafe has for the first time started a cross-platform campaign, across Tmall, Wechat, Didi (aka. Chinese Uber) to promote  “A Big Idol Date” Event (大咖节), giving consumers an opportunity to have coffee with well-known public figures in China.

Step 1 Of Our Marketing Approach: A Virtual Coffee Shop

Nescafe2_a A virtual “coffee shop” was built on Wechat to let consumers set up appointments with idols, and in the mean time learn more about Nescafe’s brand and history.

Step 2: Cross-Platform Advertising


The second event was called “Let’s Meet For Coffee”. We promoted the event across Tmall, Didi, and Nescafe’s social media accounts in a sequence that created resonance.

 *Didi is China’s riding-sharing market leader.

 Step 3: Ride With Nescafe and Result


When consumers booked a ride on Didi, they were promoted to participate in a lottery event and also an opportunity to sign up for future events.


Nescafe’s instilled a young, vibrant brand image and reconnect with a younger generation of Chinese consumers.

During the two-day event, the campaign reached approx. 100K consumers with 90K chat messages (from age group 20-45) in the virtual coffee shop.


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