What Is Weibo? How Do I Advertise On Weibo?

Several weeks ago, we talked about Wechat, what it is, what it does, and how you could use it. If you missed that article, click here.

In this article, we discuss the Weibo, another major social media application that advertisers and brands use to interact with targeted consumers. We will talk about 4 key areas:

  • Weibo Home Page
  • User’s Personalized Home Page
  • How To Choose A Key Opinion Leader
  • How To Promote The Content On Weibo And Grow Followers

A. Weibo Home Page: http://weibo.com/login.php


  1. Different news topics: featured topics, idols, videos, funny, sentimental, society, full-entertainment, and food.
  2. Top news section.
  3. Trending topics that everyone is currently reading. For example, the top-discussed topic currently has 5 billion views.
  4. Paid-advertisement section.

B. User’s Home Page


When a new user signs up for the Weibo, s/he will get a chance to select and follow interested topics, or contents.

The picture above is a typical user’s home page.

  1. Personalized topics for each user based on his/her selections.
  2. “Tweets” or content that is relevant to the user. Again, information here is derived from the initial signup process as well as new content that the user decides to follow.
  3. This is a section where a user can continue to personalize contents delivered to his/her home page. Weibo is suggesting what the user’s friends are following.
  4. Again, trending and most-read topics.

C. How To Select Key Opinion Leaders


In addition to researching number of followers a KOL has, there are other ways to determine if a KOL is a good choice to promote the content for your brand.

  1. Key-Opinion–Leader(s) regularly post contents to followers about upcoming products, ongoing promotions, etc. The “V” sign next to the KOL name indicates that this account has been verified and it’s trustworthy. An official brand owner needs to obtain “V” on its Weibo account to ensure authenticity.
  2. The bottom panel of the post indicates how many KOL’s followers has “favorite”-d, “retweet”-ed, “comment”-ed, and “like”-ed the content. This indicates how engaged the followers are with KOL’s content.
  3. Number of interactions of top searched topics.

D. How To Promote The Content On Weibo And Grow Followers


There are many ways to advertise on Weibo. However, most of those methods are not free, and some can be very expensive. Here, I am going to suggest one way to grow new users and it’s completely free.

Remember the trending topic column (See 2), it offers a view of what everyone is reading. You can post you own content by using “#” in front of the content to get exposure (See 1). Doing it effectively, you can grow your followers and attract potential consumers. However, it does take a lot of time, and creative minds to have your post be noticed among 5.1 billion reads.





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