What Is Wechat? Step-By-Step Guide Part 3

Our topic this week is Wechat’s Key Opinion Leaders, Ecommerce, Moments, and Payment.

Key Opinion Leaders and Wechat’s E-commerce

Screenshot 2016-08-07 15.24.07

#1 is a circled 60-second voice clip published by a Key Opinion Leader. For the last 4 years, he has been publishing one clip every day. In his clip, he usually starts with a social problem or an issue which he finds interesting, and shares his opinions very concisely in 60 seconds.

About twice a week, he also shares with his followers an upcoming book or an art product that he has found. In those clips, he briefly mentions about this product, what he thinks and why he recommends it. As #2 above shows, his Subscription Account (if you don’t know what a “Subscription Account”, see here) has an e-commerce platform (#3 & #4), from which, consumers could purchase the product directly.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 15.54.07

This might be a very simple ecommerce platform, but one that functions really well: product image, product description, option to contact seller, purchase, or “Add-To-Cart”. All through Wechat!


Screenshot 2016-08-07 00.48.27

Discover is another key feature of Wechat. Users are able to view status updates from friends and families in the “Moments” section (#2).

For example, the right-most picture above shows posts from two friends.  As we remember, Moments is another place where we can precisely advertise to targeted audiences. See link.

Wechat Payment

Last but not the least, users can use Wechat to pay for taxi, online shopping, groceries, movie tickets. Wechat Pay and Alipay are the two most dominant payment systems in China.

Screenshot 2016-08-07 00.48.32

Upon checking out, Wechat users displays their QR codes. Then, QR codes can be scanned to initiate the payment process. Next week, let’s talk about other ways a brand or a service provider could look into in terms of advertising and marketing.


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