Your Guide Exporting to China: Find Distributors & Retailers for Your Products In China.

Marcetable Find Distributors In China

On 10/27, I was invited by American Express to attend its Grow Global conference in Long Beach. At the conference, many SMBs shared a similar challenge they face when exporting oversea: how to find distributors, wholesalers, retailers in a foreign market?

In a related case, US SMBs often don’t have much bargain power when negotiating with a distributor as they tend to have only one distributor in targeted market.

How To Find Wholesalers or Distributors in China COST-EFFECTIVELY?

Today, we talk about how to use internet & etools to help you find many distributors, wholesalers, and retailers for your products in China: animated H5 with targeted marketing.

What is H5?

H5 is an application based on a web technology standard called HTML5. However, we don’t want to get into the technical details here. Therefore, we will just say H5 is an animated “PowerPoint tool” to help you

  • showcase your products,
  • request distributors contact information, and
  • monitor & gauge interests

Best of all, it integrates seamlessly with mobile applications. Why is that important? Distributors can look at your products wherever they can whenever they want, like before boarding the airplane, waiting in line for coffee, or attending an industry-relevant conference.

An Example of How a Shoe Manufacture Use H5 To Find Distributors in China :

guide to distributors, wholesalers in ChinaTo view the entire content which comes with music and cool animation, scan the below QR code with your phone:


Now, How To Find Distributors With H5?

You might ask this is just a marketing material, how will it help me find distributors in China?

Now, we need to send this material to distributors or retailers in the relevant industry who might be interested in your products. This is where a targeted marketing campaign starts. See how we help UCLA market its summer program to millions of Chinese high school students.

Additionally, you have to tweak the H5 content to make sure it engages with targeted audiences. For example, if you are targeting teens as end consumers, content needs to be lively with bright color, and popular music.


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