Quick Guide: What’s WeChat Mini Program and How Do I Get It

Quick Guide: What’s WeChat Mini Program and How Do I Get It

As you know, WeChat is the most used application in China (…Period). In the last five years since it was first launched, it has disrupted industries and changed how 8 billion of people in China live.

On January 9, 2017, WeChat has launched a new service that took headlines of China – WeChat Mini Program.

quick guide what's the wechat mini program and how do i get it


What does it do? What’s the buzz about? 

Before WeChat Mini Program existed

As a consumer, have you ever encountered this problem – you find a mobile application useful, you download it, you use it extensively in the first few weeks, then you never touch it again. It sits in your mobile phone and occupies the storage forever.

As a business owner, you are very likely to face this question – if I needed to develop an app, would I develop the application first for Android or iOS?

With The WeChat Mini Program

As a consumer, you access the mini program when you need it just like browsing a normal webpage. In WeChat, you can have a “bookmark list” of programs that you’ve used. They are ready to go except they don’t consumer your phone’s storage. As a business owner, you only need to develop one mini program, and it can be used by iPhone users or Android regardless because WeChat is available in both systems. The mini programs sit in the WeChat ecosystem if that makes more sense.

How to enable the WeChat Mini Program

1. You must have the latest version of WeChat, 6.5.3. As of now, you can get this latest version from the parent company here:

(Android) https://weixin.qq.com/cgi-bin/readtemplate?lang=zh_CN&t=page/faq/android/653/index&faq=android_653

(iOS) http://weixin.qq.com/cgi-bin/readtemplate?lang=zh_CN&t=page/faq/ios/652/index&faq=ios_652

Android/iOS WeChat versions available in the US are currently behind China and therefore they do not support the mini program as of now.

2. In WeChat, select the “+” icon on the top right, scan the QR code below, and enable the mini program.

Why Should I Care?

A disruption in technology often brings opportunities. Throughout the history of China’s internet development, people who are able to capture the right opportunity brought by technology often make the most out of it. WeChat is the single biggest social media application in China. Mini program is a very significant update to the WeChat ecosystem, and it signifies the direction to which WeChat marches toward. Therefore, you should pay close attention to it if you want to do business in China. Contact info@marcetable.com to learn more about how to capture this opportunity for your business.


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