How to find leads from China?

Marcetable lead generation for China

Many business owners see tremendous opportunities from China. The Chinese economy is now the 2nd largest in the world, and Chinese are increasingly making world-wide records in terms of personal spending per capital during travels, or making global investments.

This is also a great opportunity for many foreign businesses who want to grow Chinese consumer bases.

But how do you find customers in China? 

The process is fairly typical – using lead generation if it’s a B2B business or shopping landing page if it’s a B2C business or consumer-direct businesses.

Lead generation page – it typically starts when a website visitor clicks on a call-to-action (CTA) located on one of your site pages, blog posts or marketing materials. That CTA leads them to a landing page, which includes a form used to collect the visitor’s information – According to Hubspot.

Lead-page generator is the most efficient means to get prospect’s  contact information for business development. According to MarketingSherpa report – Fortune 500 companies’ CMOs and senior level marketing executives are to increase their lead generation spend greatly.

This is because that consumers’ purchasing behaviors have changed in this digital world. Consumers are now smarter, and also there are more means to do research before making a final decision. Additionally, purchasing behaviors are different that most buyers are increasingly converted not because they want to buy or products or service but they are inspired by the value these products or service can bring.

How to build a lead generation page to capture prospects from China

Marcetable can help create a lead generation page. The example below outlines the process of developing brand awareness, show case products and company.

Figures on the left & middle – your ads is appearing in news websites when people are browsing today’s top feeds

Figure on the right – using specially designed lead generation to capture prospect’s contact information.

Marcetable lead generation for China

When browsing today’s top feed in news portal, Chinese customers will see your message in the news feeds in the form of native ads. (Native ads is to make sure Ad’s format and look/feel is being consistent with other content from the publisher in order to make the ad seems less sales-oriented. Industry study shows that Native ads are more effective in terms of driving conversion rates.)

Once clicking the native ads, the customers will be taken to a dedicated lead generation page, from where customers can read the content and leave contact information if they find it useful.

How to convert leads that have been captured and turn them into customers?

As we understand, business development is, in essence, about following up and providing to customers things they need. Therefore it’s critical that we need to capture the contact information of the prospects and follow up.

There are multiple ways for you to follow up via the lead generation page. Below is a quick example.

Marcetable lead contact info

  1. Once filled, prospect’s contact information will be available for you on the system’s backend.
  2. You can also leave your contact information on this page. Marcetable recommends WeChat ID or QQ ID, two of the most-used social media platforms in China. Email is rarely used in China in the business development stage.
  3. You can create a WeChat “Group-Chat” Room dedicated for this campaign. You can share the WeChat “Group-Chat” room QR code. WeChat “Group-Chat” room can be dedicated for a particular campaign and also it allows a one-to-many conversations in real time.

Marcetable Find Opportunities From China


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