Wechat short-clip ads improve campaign result

Using short clip ad to improve campaign performance

Due to popular demand, the Wechat’s short-clip ads has finally passed the internal beta testing stage. Today this new advertisement format is now available for advertisers on WeChat. Using short-clip ads, advertisers can deliver more content to targeted audiences, resulting a higher content engagement.

What is a short-clip ad?

A short-clip ad is typically 6 to 15 seconds long, and is appearing at the end of a WeChat’s subscription account. Please click this article to learn what’s a WeChat subscription account. Ad creative could be either 4:3 or 16:9. The interactive and animated feature of a short-clip ads making it more appealing for advertisers, as it well-known to raise engagement with content.

Advertisers on WeChat and subscription account owners can now use WeChat to select and launch short-clip ads. Ads could be delivered via either 1) automatically matching the short-clip ad contents to a subscription account or 2) completely developing from scratching by working with the WeChat subscription account directly.

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Additional feature

The short-clip ads can be set as default to start without sound. This is extremely useful given how WeChat users typically consume content. Chinese mostly consumes WeChat content during transit time or when waiting in line. This is the so-called “fragmented attention”. The new default feature allows advertisers to bring content to targeted audiences wherever they are, and whenever they want. This way ads can be delivered in real time.

Why Short-clip ads?

Traditionally, WeChat allows gif-/image-based creatives as the mainstream advertising format. However, as we all know, image-based creative has typically a low engagement rate, and could only deliver limited content. Short-clip ads do not have these disadvantages. Short-clip ads have been proved to be more engaging as generally perceived by marketers. For example, Facebook video ads receive 10 to 30 percent more views, and populate up to 11 times larger in news feeds, according to Solocube.

How does a short-clip ad work?

The short-clip ad is available across a variety of industries ranging from real estate, automobiles, and consumer products. Subscription accounts in those industries could be identified in WeChat’s backend. These subscription accounts, because of massive followers they have, are now available to take advertisers short-clip ads and bring them to their respective audiences.

The self-served matching platform makes it easy and transparent to find the right subscription accounts. Advertisers can view historical campaign performance occurred on those subscription accounts, historical prices, and case studies. Furthermore, the audience-tagging feature makes it extremely easy for advertisers to find right audiences. After the campaign, advertisers could view campaign results and understand how it matches to desired KPI targets.

For example, Mercedes-Benz has recently used short-clip ads for their campaigns. It’s leveraging the subscription account’s targeted industry tag, and has focused on automobile and internet sectors to partner with subscription accounts. The automated platform, creatives, and targeted approach have resulted a much better experience in terms of launching a campaign and monitor the performance in real time. The campaign has results twice the click-through rate comparing to industry average. See an example below.

Using short clip ad to improve campaign performance

Targeted audience

WeChat platform can help advertisers identify customers based on collected key attributes, e.g., age, education and interests. Using historical data, advertisers could find the best-matched audiences for the brand. OfO, a local bike-sharing platform, recently used the short-clip ad and audience targeting feature on their campaigns. They selected subscription accounts that are focusing on internet, entertainment, and life style sectors, and launched short-clip ads to introduce new promotions in China. The click through rate is 25.12%, 6 times of the average industry’s performance.

Using short clip ad to improve campaign performance

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